'BOUND' REVIEW October 2012
"The pimp, big Lex, is played with a cold and calculating manner by Jaye Palmer. The swagger and the sly speech are far from over the top. She is a horrible, unredeemed, evil character. There is no explanation of why she does the things she does. She is, in a way, very like The Joker from Christopher Nolan's 'The Dark Knight' - she is a force of nature, simply arriving to cause destruction, before disappearing. Her presence can be felt throughout the play, even when she isn't on stage. Because of this, Palmer had the unenviable task of bringing this demon to life. 
From the moment of her entrance, she succeeded."

Who the hell is Jaye Palmer?

jWelsh character actress, singer, puppeteer, writer and director living in Dublin 

33 years on from first setting foot on the stage (as Gretl in 'The Sound Of Music') this website will show you a few of the things I've done since summer 2011 as well as keep you up to date with upcoming projects


The music video for His Sweet Surprise 

debut single "Wishing On A Photograph" IS RELEASED! The video features this damn hot sorceress... oh wait! that's ME! :D


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A year on....and still greatly missed
02/02/14 - Heartbreaking News

Joining those rare talents forever immortalised on film for the world to see how it should be done. Without ever meeting them, they held and will always hold a special place in my heart; I mourned the loss of Marlon Brando, Norman Wisdom, Ray Charles and Pete Postlethwaite. Now Philip Seymour Hoffman joins this exquisite list. Way too soon.

“In my mid-20s, an actor told me, ‘Acting ain’t no puzzle,’ ” Hoffman said, after returning to his seat. “I thought: ‘Ain’t no puzzle?!?’ You must be bad!” He laughed. “You must be really bad, because it is a puzzle. Creating anything is hard. It’s a cliché thing to say, but every time you start a job, you just don’t know anything. I mean, I can break something down, but ultimately I don’t know anything when I start work on a new movie. You start stabbing out, and you make a mistake, and it’s not right, and then you try again and again. The key is you have to commit. And that’s hard because you have to find what it is you are committing to.”

Philip Seymour Hoffman, July 23 1967 - February 2nd 2014

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